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Subject: Change to my tires

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  • Change to my tires
  • A few days ago I had my tire guy from Baker Tire in Wanamingo MN out. My 74 3000 was leaking calcium chloride out the valve stem, and my Boomer 8N was light in the butt despite two cast iron weights on each side installed when the loader went on. The 3000 got the CaCl removed, new tubes and air only back in. The rims were good inside - no damage. The Boomer got a full load of beet juice (Rim Guard) and is happy as a clam. I have a huge willow to slice and dice and take to the city disposal site. I usually skidded down the hill at the disposal site because I was front heavy. 800 pounds more in back might make a difference. I am happy with the changes to both tractors - especially the fact that the chloride damage on the 3000 was limited to rusty streaks on the outside of the rim. I am north of Rochester MN and am a frequent contributor to our town brush disposal site.

    Ncorrigible    Posted 06-11-2017 at 21:59:15 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Change to my tires
  • BTW - my tire guy also said that most often, the CaCl leak starts at the valve stem and is apparent on the outer rim first - as it was in my case. Paying attention to my outer rims saved me the cost of a new rim. In my case a couple hundred or so. If you have road salt in your tires, keep an eye on them.

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