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Subject: September Tractor Registry Entries

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  • September Tractor Registry Entries
  • Owner: Justin Bell
    Model Year: 1954
    Model: Ford naa
    S/N: NAA7006B (Casting #)
    Description: Rusty gold. Was my wife grandfather's, he used it to farm tomatoes in San Diego. Tractor now lives in my shop in Clarksburg California wine country.

    Owner: Hunter Riley
    Model Year: 1940
    Model: Ford 9n
    S/N: 9N45368
    Description: Very nice tractor. Inherited from grandfather. In the process of restoration.Got a lot of $ and time in this tractor. I'm very fortunate to have this tractor. Gotten a lot of looks & compliments.
    Previous Owner's Name: Alex Kephart

    Owner: Eric Smith
    Model Year: 1951
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 427151
    Description: 1951 8NB, date of production 11/12/51.12v conversion,rewired. Runs better everytime I fix some little thing. Ford got it right the first time!
    Owner: Benjamin Haring
    Model Year: 1950
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 8N320255
    Description: My father purchased this 8N in 1986. A PO had painted Li'L Jen on both sides of the hood.

    Owner: Lynne Miles
    Model Year: 1950
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 341527
    Description: Acquired in 1995. Was a great tractor until it was allowed to sit for too long. Been spending HOURS trying to get it running again. I think I'm getting very close!
    Previous Owner's Name: neighbor
    Owner: Lynne Miles
    Model Year: 1952
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 465759
    Description: Acquired about 2 weeks ago, and she's a peach! Been trying to get my old 1950 8N running when I stumbled upon her and just couldn't resist! All this time I thought my 1950 was a 52, but when I noticed the differences between the two I used the serial # data base on this site and cleared up the confusion.
    Previous Owner's Name: Willie

    Owner: Travis Marshall
    Model Year: 1947
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 13163
    Description: 1947 Model 8N - painted blue over red. Rough cosmetics, no lighting, runs solid and powerful. Hydraulics need attention. Fuel system leaks. Howard auxiliary transmission purchased and will be installed while servicing hydraulic system over winter #1.
    Previous Owner's Name: Mike (last name not shared)

    Owner: Thorbjorn Skottene
    Model Year: 1948
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 94671
    Description: I`m restoring the tractor, hope it is up and go next summer.
    Previous Owner's Name: Bjarne Gronlund
    Owner: Cody Sabin
    Model Year: 1952
    Model: 8n
    S/N: 8n514501
    Description: Found this one in the Racene WI area. Brought back to the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Needs some work but mostly original. Been painted once in its life. Runs like a champ! Will keep this one alive for a long time.

    Owner: Kenneth Robison
    Model Year: 1947
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 8N892
    Previous Owner's Name: Vernon Robison

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