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Subject: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole

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Brad    Posted 05-01-2020 at 18:25:34 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • FB Marketplace listing caught my eye "Free to good home, JD sickle bar mower. Ran when parked, 25 years ago." :-) lol

    The Price is Right! Sounds like my kind of a project can sink my teeth into! Look Ma! I brought home some "yard art" lol If I want it to work, I have to fix it :-)

    Now to mix up some home-brew, penetrating fluid recipe: to used motor oil add dose of diesel fuel, dollup of gasoline, drab or so of acetone, Wah-la Presto change-o and you have El Cheapo Poor Man's penetrating fluid :-)

    Suddenly it became imperative to finish my Ford 8N tractor's 3 point boom pole, so the sickle bar mower could be removed from pickup truck. For some reason the landlord didn't mind loaning me his truck (my truck is in pieces... don't ask! lol) since he had need to borrow a sickle bar mower (his's kaput), but for some reason landlord wanted to have truck bed empty so he could actually make use of his truck lol ;-)

    I came from a time back when they taught drafting in high school, and I have yet to learn newfangled online 3D design, so I just did what I'm used to and sketched everything up as I took measurements working from whatever materials I could find to hand for DIY boom pole.

    I suppose if everything works out good enough, I should post a "how to"? We've already one "How To Boom Pole" would another really be of any use to anyone?

    It really does depend (I'm going to guess) what materials are cheaply or easily available to build with, perhaps BP sketch is good enough as starting point, making changes dependent upon necessities? idk :-)

    Brad    Posted 05-06-2020 at 09:20:35 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Update2: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole

  • I am getting closer to the finish line with DIY home-brewed 3-point Boom Lift Pole, thought I would have had it finished yesterday except for 3 boo-boos lol :-)

    Motor went out on my drill press, so I was trying to drill a straight hole with a hand drill and not having the most success. First hole was so far off, check my welder and welded the hole closed grinded it back flat and started again.

    This second hole was where it's supposed to be, but now it has to pass through the frame and come out the other side. Guess what? lol Yep!

    Hole saw didn't go straight through & came off at an angle, so welder/grinder once again! lol. Getting to be a familiar theme? I'm not the only one! lol "Grinder and paint make you the welder you ain't" lol ;-)

    Seems like a lot of my projects wind up this way: I don't have any clear idea what final itineraration is going to be when I begin, because everything changes to meet needs and circumstances encountered as work progresses. No wonder it's good to be a "retail consumer" purchasing goods off factory assembly lines, having quality controlled and professionally engineered ingredients! lol :'-D

    Hopefully I'll be able to weld a plug over the miss-drilled hole, use a piece of tubing as a guide or use Square (in two different lanes) to ensure that drill bit's straight this time, and I'll be able to correct my faux pas and move on to finish this project.

    When I write up a "how to" it will appear as though I actually know what I'm doing, because none of these mistakes will be mentioned lols :-p

    Good thing for grinders and paint! :-)

    Brad    Posted 05-06-2020 at 09:55:08 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Update2: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • That photo URL link's kaput...trying again...hope image link works this time :-)

    Lynn Patrick    Posted 05-03-2020 at 14:37:46 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • I use my "Poor Man's Loader" a LOT! If I were to build one like your drawing I think I would consider a couple angle braces on the "T" shaped part from the lift arm pins up to where it hinges on the long boom. You have lifting capacity but little sideways stability. Just my 2 cents!

    Brad    Posted 05-03-2020 at 16:44:59 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • Your $0.02, I wondered about that, and I am considering adding side braces as you've suggested, when some appropriate scrap metal becomes available.

    Also want to put trussing/girder along the top of the lifting pole for strength/resistance against bending, as suggested by another poster's $0.02 :-)

    I looked at thickness/strength of materials/structure supporting lift pole, and concluded that "T" was stouter than boom pole, 3 point pins/arms/tractor's top mount point itself, and I wondered if additional bracing was a moot point?

    Anyways, with two $0.02 worth of suggestions, I'm now $0.04 ahead lol :-) To get me over the top and have a solid nickel, I'm paying heed to another suggestion, not to make BP too heavy where it will be hard to hook/unhook boom pole by myself lol :-D

    Usually when I go to build something, it ends up taking way longer & costing more than purchasing used and doesn't work as well as an engineered/professionally-commercially-manufactured unit, but then, merely being a consumer, where is the fun in that? :-)

    I enjoy experimenting/tinkering/R&D, 'cause building's like hitting yourself over the head with a hammer, because it feels so good when you stop! ;'-D lols Just my $0.06 worth (with six-sense, you'd think I'd learn? NOY! lol ;-)

    dave#1    Posted 05-03-2020 at 07:44:14 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • I Made this boom a 1000 years ago, Used it a 1000 times ,works great !

    I posted this pic on a JD forum I said this is what 8n's think of John Deere, Sure pi$$ed off those guys

    Brad    Posted 05-03-2020 at 08:46:53 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • Funny! :-)

    Your picture shows a good example of matching load to lifting capacity of Boom Pole. You could probably lift that load safely with an even longer pole, if it was needed to reach higher.

    There is just no substitute for the sound of a 2 cylinder Poppin Johnny laboring in the field! I sometimes enjoy playing one of these "sound-theme" YouTube videos in the background while I'm working on something.

    Extending the boom pole theme further (lol), one design for a manlift some of my neighbors built resembled one of those pull-type radio antennas that telescopes closed. Just like an extension ladder with a pull rope to draw extension up, their design was set up with pulleys and cable to do the same thing, only with additional extension sections.

    Not sure how safe it is because without safety stops/mechanism, if that cable ever was to break? Extension ladders don't collapse because they've got these "hands" holding onto the rungs as part of the design function. With hydraulic cylinders, typically they'll be safety valves restricting the flow from cylinders in case a hose or something ruptures, but just the way my neighbors did it with only a cable? I'd want more guarantee of safety than that imho.

    That being said, they've been running their rig for years without any problems, however, you're not going to see me getting in lift bucket nor standing anywhere within it's "Drop Zone"! One Design element I can appreciate is that they can take the bucket off and put a hook or winch on in its place and it does double duty as a boom crane as well as a boom man lift. Here Common Sense would dictate that you keep everything within the design's limitations, or something is going to break and maybe even somebody get hurt?

    Some agrarianist's DIY homebrew projects would give OSHA inspectors nightmares! :-) I'm pretty certain Insurance wouldn't be of any good, in case of accident involving such an "unapproved" design.

    Common sense is the only safety factor involved with this dangerous design, exercising pre-use inspection/preventive maintenance and only using it within design's limitations. Such devices may be illegal? However, one could take the viewpoint it's their life/risk/responsibility and it's not possible to either legislate morality nor make the world a safe place.

    Ultradog MN    Posted 05-03-2020 at 04:44:06 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • Don't make it too heavy. A lot of folks tend to over kill things like this. That just makes them too heavy to conveniently attach and remove.
    I have a cheap King Kutter boom pole that I've used and abused for at least 15 years. It will handle anything an N (or 4000) can lift and I can still mount/unmount it alone.
    To make a boom pole MUCH more effective add a hydraulic top link to your tractor.
    I watched part of that video.
    Can't believe anyone would build a boom that long.

    Brad    Posted 05-03-2020 at 06:31:21 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • I most certainly agree with your assessment avoiding building boom pole too heavy! I'm not particularly so much a team player (more of a "cowboy curmudgeon" :-), so I typically work alone and definitely prefer implements and accouterments I can conveniently handle solo.

    I only watched part of the video myself, fellow got a bit long-winded :-) Was mostly interested in snippet illustrating advantage of design's higher reach capacity.

    That was an excellent photo you took, showing futility of building boom pole exceeding lift capacity of tractor. Kudos! lol :-)

    I'm unaware of means building anything "foolproof", since operator's "common sense" is the most important safeguard, but still build-in warning decals and "clues" to help prevent problems.

    Trouble is, my curmudgeon self's warning label would be viewed as "problematic and politically Incorrect":

    "Warning: Don't be an idiot! NOT designed to replace a crane, do not exceed lift capacity or you may end up breaking something and/or getting hurt. Apply liberal dose of Common Sense, and if larger equipment's necessary, rent or borrow it."

    In some people, where common sense could be viewed as a "superpower", "you can't fix stupid" and it's probably for the best these sort "hire a tradesman".

    The longer the reach, the less the lifting capacity, basic lever physics. I can perceive specialist cases where someone would benefit from building an extendable/excessively long-reach boom pole.

    Without exceeding lifting capacity of boom or tractor, one may need to lift something of a couple hundred pounds weight at a greater height, for instance, motor off of water-pumping windmill. For such uses, I'm unfortunately unaware of any means building something idiot-proof.

    After a successful lawsuit, some restaurants have printed on their coffee cups: "Caution! Contents may be HOT". Ya think? :-p LOL

    I really like and appreciate your notion of adding improvements to a basic boom pole over time, as needs and circumstances demonstrate.

    Starting out with a basic essential design, I can see advantages adding improvements as you've mentioned: a hydraulic upper link. I've reviewed advantages of designs utilizing winching of one means or another.

    Anything I build will have modifications made over time as circumstance prove necessary/expedient. I mostly modify everything, meeting circumstances whilst applying common sense :-)


    Brad    Posted 05-02-2020 at 20:13:14 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Update DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • Managed to get all pieces cut out, still remaining: holes to drill for pivot point and 3-point connections, grinding for welding, and a lot more fun "whanging N banging" fitting square tubing into a round pipe lol :-)

    Photos proceeding as project progresses (no video, so you won't hear my &*#@$ "terms of endearment" and "encouragement" to fitting "square peg in a round hole" lol ;-p

    Landlord used his skid loader helping remove my "free to good home" sickle bar mower (rusted/frozen solid,---sat out in field for 25 plus years) from his pickup truck's bed to my work area, so it's not quite so pressing finishing up boom pole (IE: poor man's FEL lol) as it was, but hopefully soon will be completed and can post pictures (that is, if imagur'll work for me).

    Kirk-NJ    Posted 05-02-2020 at 02:40:32 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • Or Here's one out of the How-To section.

    Brad    Posted 05-02-2020 at 08:54:08 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • I do appreciate Marshel Rossow went to the trouble and did such a nice job on his "how to" DIY Boom Lift Pole (these are plans I referenced in my prior post).

    In contrast, my poor man's sketch is but an inferior substitute in all but one characteristic: design as sketched has longer reach/height, necessary in my case removing equipment from flatbed trailer to which I have access.

    I was limited somewhat by what scrap metal I could scrounge for construction, to such a scenario, sketch responds well enough N "get 'er dun" showing important dimensions & neglecting mention of material/type/size which depends upon availability. :-)


    carl nny    Posted 05-01-2020 at 21:11:22 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • They usually girder that top pole, on the top. It will bend to easy with out it
    .. Just saying..

    Brad    Posted 05-01-2020 at 23:31:07 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: DIY Homebrew 3-point Boom Lift Pole
  • I find myself in agreement with your assessment Sir!... trusses are used on bridges to add strength ... gymnasiums have truss structure beams holding roof up over such a large span ... most any manufacturer's boom poles have trusses ...

    Thank goodness Kansas is opening up again and we're soon getting out of pandemic stay-at-home lockdown, so can get out and find some work to pay for things...

    I keep hearing about economic stimulus, federal unemployment benefits, but I haven't seen any of it ...

    No job, no unemployment, no economic stimulus, looks like I'll keep looking for scrap heaps to dig through for my projects lol :-P

    Perhaps I'll find someone local who'll let me look through their metal scrap heap? ... No one's fighting over scrap metal, just toilet paper! ;-p lol

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