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Subject: June Tractor Registry Entries

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  • June Tractor Registry Entries
  • Owner: Bigg Sho
    Model Year: 1942
    Model: 9N
    S/N: 9N95546

    Owner: Duane T Hofstetter
    Model Year: 1950
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 331162
    Description: Bought from a man across town for $900. It's a 50 but has the one piece steel stick and not the knob.
    Owner: James Stuckey
    Model Year: 1951
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 8N367628
    Description: It runs, but it is in rough shape, body and paint wise. It has the Sherman transmission. Just getting started on restoring to original color.

    Owner: Dennis Glidden
    Model Year: 1947
    Model: 2N
    S/N: 9N297477

    Owner: Harold Shotwell
    Model Year: 1948
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 8N123084
    Description: Working tractor used for driveway grading and other dirt work. Has a Dearborn 19-8 front loader and a newer Ford rear blade. Doing rear axle seals and brakes roight now along with a few other misc. items.
    Owner: Tim King
    Model Year: 1946
    Model: 2N
    S/N: 9N235702
    Description: Basket case 2N runs,operates fine. Well worn and used but still all original. Has not been restored or painted.

    Owner: David A. Everett
    Model Year: 1939
    Model: 9N
    S/N: 9N1043
    Description: Still running. Needs some sheet metal work and paint.,
    Owner: Jim Lovejoy
    Model Year: 1949
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 8N 214385
    Description: Manufacture date: August 17, 1949; has Sherman transmission.
    Previous Owner's Name: Baker & Sons Equipment Co. Ohio
    Owner: Benjamin Tucker
    Model Year: 1945
    Model: 2N
    S/N: 9N197916
    Description: Oregon- great tractor pulling brushhog,501sickle mower,plow, tiller,blade, harrower. Working farm tractor.

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