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Subject: Here's one for ya...

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BlasterStumps    Posted 04-20-2017 at 13:20:45 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Here's one for ya...
  • My wife and I wanted to get a little cash to take with us on a trip we were planning in March. We pulled into the credit union drive thru and put our request in the tube and sent it inside. We sat there waiting for some time and stared wondering what the! My wife noticed several people looking out the window towards us as we were waiting. Finally after quite an extended time waiting, a woman from inside came walking out around the side of the building and came up to the window of our truck. She proceeded to tell us that the credit union had received notification from the Social Security Admin. that my wife had deceased!! That caught us both by surprise, I got to tell ya. That explained the long wait at the drive thru. They were trying to determine if that was my wife for sure in the truck with me.
    Okay, so no one from the credit union called me to let me know that they had received this notice from SS. On top of that, when they got the notice, it instructed the CU to send my wife's SS payments for the first two months of the year back to SS. Needless to say, our account at the CU took a bit hit while this took place because we were still buying groceries, gas and the like during this time. We had to immediately do a transfer from savings into checking because our checking balance was 0.
    We went directly to the SS office and talked with them there. They started the process to get her back into the system. Howsomeever, it has been since March 13th 'til now and no payments have been put back in our account from SS. She has been regularly following up with SS and has an ID and fraud service working on this as well.
    A follow up call to the SS this morning yielded a big (sorry, can't do anything more for at least 30 more days. The payment center has it on their work logs and we can't do anything.) Oh lovely!
    We are thinking now that to get a fire lit under these people, we may need to go to a news agency and tell the story, or, possibly get in touch with our representative in Washington DC. We are going to make some waves on this real soon, that's for sure.
    Wish us luck.
    Mike in CO

    steveVa    Posted 04-21-2017 at 08:54:20 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Here's one for ya...
  • I have heard that can be a real mess.
    Best to get on it with the shot gun approach. Call everyone remotely important and ask who who who. Who changed the file status. Who can fix the file status? Who is your supervisor? Who will call me back when this is fixed? Nicely threaten to get the local news involved. Good luck...

    Bruce(OR)    Posted 04-20-2017 at 19:20:02 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Here's one for ya...
  • First time I heard of that was on the news. Took 6 months and a mountain of papers to prove that they were still alive. Good Luck!

    John in Mich    Posted 04-20-2017 at 15:54:55 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Here's one for ya...
  • Hope you get it straightened out soon. Listening to a commentary this morning on the radio, our government could cut us all off. Since Johnson (remember the "Great Society"?), they have looked at SS payments from wages as revenue and spent it as soon as they collected it (if not sooner). Dems started it but Pubs have been complicit all these years.
    If the "fund" had been left intact it is estimated that $10 trillion would have been there for the retirement of the last Baby Boomers. Further, the generosity of the system (politicians) to people who did nothing to earn a benefit, expedited the ZERO balance.
    I'm trying to figure out how I can run my budget like that without going to jail!

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