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Subject: Texans

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Al in TX    Posted 11-07-2017 at 12:28:17 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Texans
  • Gabriel went to the Lord and said, "I have to talk to you. We have some
    > Texans up here who are causing some real problems... They're swinging on the
    > Pearly Gates, my horn is missing, and they are wearing T-shirts instead of
    > their robes; there's barbecue sauce and picante sauce all over everything,
    > especially their T-shirts;
    > their dogs are riding in the chariots and chasing the sheep.
    > They are wearing baseball caps and cowboy hats instead of their halos.
    > They refuse to keep the stairway to Heaven clean, and their boots are
    > marking and scuffing up the halls of Wisdom. There are watermelon seeds and
    > tortilla chip crumbs all over the place. Some of them are walking around
    > with just one wing; and they insist on bringing their darn horses with
    > them."
    > The Lord said, "Texans are Texans, Gabriel. Heaven is home to all of my
    > children. If you want to know about real problems, call the Devil."
    > So Gabriel calls the Devil who answers the phone and says, "Hello -- hold on
    > a minute..."
    > When he returns to the phone the Devil says, "O.K., I'm back. What can I do
    > for you?"
    > Gabriel replied, "I just want to know what kinds of problems you are having
    > down there with the Texans."
    > The Devil said, "Hold on again. I need to check on something."
    > After about 5 minutes the Devil returned to the phone and said. "I'm back.
    > Now what was the question?"
    > Gabriel said, "What kind of problems are you having down there with the
    > Texans?"
    > The Devil said, "Man, I don't believe this...hold on!!!!"
    > This time the Devil was gone 15 minutes and when he returns he says, "I'm
    > sorry Gabriel -- I can't talk right now!! Red Adair has put out the fire
    > here and now Brown & Root is installing air conditioning!!!!"
    > Always remember ... TEXANS SURVIVE ... despite the odds against us!!!

    Carson (NCAL)    Posted 11-07-2017 at 13:16:41 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Texans
  • Very good, you gave me my morning chuckle

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