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Subject: A good use for the old house

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dave#1    Posted 11-25-2017 at 20:09:22 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • A good use for the old house
  • Banked dirt against the back of the house, Cut a hole in it and then drove the rider through the kitchen then dinning room into the living room !

    Plan on storing some more stuff in that part of the old house.
    Why not ???

    Island Mike    Posted 11-26-2017 at 23:37:35 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: A good use for the old house
  • Doing good over there.
    Out on the left coast Island, I have three friends building new houses. All have the roof on. But it has been raining for weeks. We might set a record.
    In total there are 46 new places being built on my Island.
    I hope to start my cottage next year.

    Island Mike

    steveVa    Posted 11-26-2017 at 22:54:37 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: A good use for the old house
  • Concrete takes 21 days to cure so you will be good and cured when they are ready to set the house.

    dave#1    Posted 11-26-2017 at 18:28:51 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Now there is 2 LOL
  • Now I just got to figure out how to get my 8n's in there !

    John in Mich    Posted 11-26-2017 at 18:45:40 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Now there is 2 LOL
  • I would be concerned about load bearing. I'n sure that there is no elevator in the old house. An 8N heading down to a crawl space or basement could be a bad ending.

    J52J    Posted 11-26-2017 at 08:23:11 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: A good use for the old house
  • Dave

    I guess you could take you lawn tractor and cruse the house room to room Reflecting on the Memories you and your family have created.

    I have ridden past old, houses with the windows gone and holes in the roofs and wondered, Who lived in them Back in there day. The children born and families raised and the memories made and the futures planned in those old homes. If the old Houses could only Talk.

    Have a Great Day

    John in Mich    Posted 11-25-2017 at 22:40:48 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: A good use for the old house
  • Dave, did I miss the setting of the new house? I just scanned down to the picture of the basement and have not found anything. Hope everything is on track.

    dave#1    Posted 11-26-2017 at 11:26:04 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: A good use for the old house
  • Nope still an empty hole !!
    Now they're having trouble lining up a crew to install the new house.
    Hopefully this week, And you can bet I'll be blasting the Ntractorclub with lots of pictures !

    J4nss(WNY)    Posted 11-26-2017 at 19:31:40 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: A good use for the old house
  • Are you going to seal and insulate the outside basement walls? I didn't do mine when I did my addition 20 years ago and now I'm starting to get moisture through the block. Going wait till spring to try to Drylock the inside.

    John in Mich    Posted 11-26-2017 at 18:43:11 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: A good use for the old house
  • Smile. Look at the positive. The blocks and mortar have great cure time. Also, remember what it was like when we were kids waiting for Christmas. The anticipation is awesome. It will happen. Next year we will look back and laugh. We are looking forward to pictures.

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