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Subject: engine internals

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brownsmule    Posted 01-03-2018 at 20:27:00 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • engine internals
  • We realize that "Henry" was a thrify fellow. With that in mind, what internals of the 39-47 N Series engine came from the flat head Ford V8, if any. My Dad's mechanic raced FH Fords at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) and he could always find a little more HP for our N. Just curious. brownsmule in NC

    Island Mike    Posted 01-04-2018 at 21:46:44 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: engine internals
  • Ar speedway circuits, the midgets ran 200 cubic inch engines. Which included the smaller Ford V8 60, as found in British Ford cars, and some others. All the major early engine guys, had hot rod parts for these engines. Edelbrok for instance. They ran them on alcohol. Cylinder heads, intake manifolds, cam shafts, pistons were the main fair. Some ran overhead valves. Some ran 3 carbs on each side entering the exhaust ports, while the exhaust ran out the old intake side.
    In CA, in the early hot rod days, they used the 221 cubic inch engine for drags, and Bonneville. Some still stick with tradition, and still run flat head engines.

    I have not idea about crossover parts. I did get close and personal with a friends midget. And many of the early hot rod guys. But just like Japanese motorcycle engines killed off the British, so did OHV and later OHC engines retire the side valve. Eventually Briggs and Strattan had to make OHV motors to compete with Honda.

    Island Mike

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