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Subject: Wheel Hub Nuts

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g ostby    Posted 05-04-2018 at 10:48:58 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Wheel Hub Nuts
  • Just finished the bearings and seals on my Montgomery Wards hay/sheep wagon. I'm now ready to mount the tires on the hubs. Original wheel nuts were in, probably, 80 years and didn't come out too easy. What do I use on the nuts, never seize, lock tight or nothing? Probably be another 80 years before it see's any maintenance. Just thinking of the next owner. Thanks, Gary.

    Larry TX    Posted 05-04-2018 at 11:09:06 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Wheel Hub Nuts
  • If it's wheel lug nuts you're referring to, once the threads are thoroughly cleaned, a few drops of light oil (motor oil is just fine) on the threads should suffice. Don't think you'd ever want to use Loc-tight on a lug nut, particularly on the wheels of a slow moving wagon.

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