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Subject: ESPN is Biased Against Asians

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Ed Gooding (VA)    Posted 08-23-2017 at 15:23:45 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • ESPN is Biased Against Asians
  • written by John Massoud
    August 23, 2017

    As reported in The Bull Elephant yesterday, ESPN refused to allow a young Asian man named Robert Lee to announce a UVA game because Mr. Lee’s name is similar to General Robert E Lee’s name.

    Lee is a very common Asian surname. It is as common as Smith is here, or as well, the name “Lee” is in the US. Lee is probably the most common name in SE Asia, after perhaps Nguyen. Now the young man known as Robert Lee, seems like a well spoken young man, and we know that our “friends” in the radical left can handle just about anything. And since they are more racially and ethnically attuned than we are, we can only assume that ESPN is biased against Asians. After all, does anything else make any sense? If you look at the pic of Robert Lee of ESPN next to the pic of General Robert E. Lee, you can see they look nothing alike. (Yes I’m aware my last 2 sentences make absolutely no sense. Or as much sense as banning a Robert Lee from announcing a college game in the oldest part of the USA because some idiot may get their feelings hurt.)

    However the real question is, what will ESPN do when a black man who happens to be named John Smith tries to announce a lacrosse game, and is removed by ESPN because his announcing a Lacrosse game is offensive to the Nottoway People, or the Monacan People, or the Powhatan Confederacy (bet y’all are impressed with my knowledge of our Native American friends – likely better than the brilliant people over at ESPN or MSNBC) because a white John Smith stole their land back in 1607. Let’s forget the fact that the Indians worked with the English colonials and nothing was stolen in Virginia at the time. Let’s also forget that the Nottoway or Powhatan never really saw land as being something that a person owned. Let us think on how stupid the concept of blaming something on the hypothetical black John Smith for an incident which did not occur. But this is where Progressivism has taken us – we’re not upset over things which did not happen. And we’re afraid to allow an Asian man with one of the most common names for an Asian man to announce a game because someone else might get their feelings hurt.

    For the record, when I was 6 years old, I punched out 2 kids for being stupid (we probably called them doody heads back in the day). One was named Tim and the other was named Franklin. Maybe if we’re all really lucky, 10 generations from now the descendants of Franklin and Tim will be demanding reparations from my descendants because I beat Timmy and Franklin up back in 1970. I ran into Tim a couple years ago. He’s a liberal and still lives in his Mumsie’s basement now at age 50. Once a doody head, always a doody head.

    Liberals are doody heads. After all, only a doody head would think that any adult would be offended by some Asian man named Robert Lee. And for those who wonder why I’m using child language to talk about this issue, what else can you really call the people at ESPN who were afraid of having an Asian man named Robert Lee announce a college game?

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