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Subject: Bolshevik-Style Cultural Purge

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  • Bolshevik-Style Cultural Purge
  • Posted On 27 Aug 2017
    By: Ileana Johnson

    If you wondered about the deplorable state of American mis-education, all you have to do is look at the historical revisionist indoctrination in the textbooks, the classroom-forced Islamization of students, the Common Core standards that are dumbing down students across the board, and the Bolshevik-style cultural purge of Civil War monuments and heroes that are taking place around the country with the full approval and instigation from academia, the MSM, politicians, the current administration, and American citizens.

    Identity politics is the new front to fight and change the face of America forever into the Bolshevik state that the socialist Democrats demand, a state based on bogus “social justice.” Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Stalin, and Hitler could not have been any prouder of these American socialists, fascists, and anarchists.

    Purging a culture by book burnings, statue destructions, repression and persecution of people arbitrarily deemed enemies of the state was something Bolsheviks, Stalinists, and fascists had done. But now, we have American hate groups, paid violent protesters like ANTIFA and BLM, rallied under the banner of fighting fascism and white supremacy, employing violent and fascistic tactics of terrorizing the population whose divergent views and skin color they were told to hate.


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