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Subject: If Trump Fails We all Fail

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  • If Trump Fails We all Fail
  • written by Michael Giere
    September 20, 2017

    The twenty-first century has pretty much been a nightmare so far. The intractable problems that the twentieth century bequeathed to it were downright manageable compared to those the new century is creating for itself.

    Now, nearly two decades into the century, everything is a crisis, magnified in both scope and urgency, driven into the public square and byways through the 24-hour news cycle, instant communications, blanket TV, and compounded by the dominant social media platforms, all of which prosper in crisis.

    Of course, all of this crisis demands instant answers. Like instant coffee, instant answers suffer by comparison. They are often the wrong answers provided for the wrong reasons, without the benefit of thoughtful reflection, common sense or in some cases sanity.

    We have smart phones, smart cars, smart appliances and more smart stuff coming online every day. We just don’t have many smart decision makers it seems.

    Worse, the free citizens of these United States have been increasingly excluded in any meaningful way from providing the answers or approving of the answers that they are not only expected to live with and follow, but which they must like and celebrate no matter how stupid or debased.

    This is the massive disconnect in American politics and culture.

    The “ruling class” of politicians of both political parties, the unelected administrative state and bureaucrats, academics, cultural and media elites, progressive religious leaders, and an increasing number in the transnational business sector are intentionally forming intersecting models and alliances that maximize their ability to demand financial and cultural conformity through unchecked power and the control of enormous amounts of money, much of it from the taxpayers.

    The only fly in the ointment has been the majority of American citizens who started paying attention and began digging in their heels and being uncooperative; they elected Donald J. Trump.

    He was the only candidate among seventeen Republicans who ran in 2016 to voice an understanding of this disconnect. He alone grasped the enormous disquiet and anxiety that gripped average Americans as they watched a dysfunctional and stagnate economy increasingly being run by cronyism, while being told this was the new ‘normal;’ the deliberate wrecking of affordable healthcare; uncontrolled immigration devastating lower income jobs and displacing American workers (and culture); trade deals that were obviously one-sided and stripping the country of its ability to make basic ‘things;’ the rule of law enforced only for taxpaying citizens while there are special rules that apply to the wealthy, well-connected or illegal; and the constant assaults on the social institutions, customs and history of the U.S.


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