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Subject: The Nashville Statement and NFL Football

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  • The Nashville Statement and NFL Football
  • by Michael Giere
    September 27, 2017

    All great civilizations and cultures have come to the same place; success, relative prosperity, power and influence bring expanded leisure and options, followed over time by various political, legal and cultural machinations created to protect the status quo of the successful, by the successful.

    Instead of excellence and boldness, mediocrity slowly becomes acceptable, along with a sense of privilege and entitlement.

    Finally, timidity becomes the coin of the realm; the default currency for social transactions. The issues of the day become increasingly valued not on facts, what is right or wrong, or even guided by common sense. They are traded on the characteristics of emotion and the path of least resistance – and the least opportunity for troubling, nagging outcomes. What was clear becomes obscure, and what was certain becomes questionable.

    The pressure to be “moderate,” – timid – grows like crab grass. No one wants to stand out for the “wrong reasons,” or be connected with unpopular cultural positions, even if they are self-evidently true.

    In Western cultures, this also increasingly means that huge transnational corporations and powerful private groups begin to drive the hip, edgy, and the latest cultural fads with an eye towards profit and influence, not what benefits the society at large.

    Often, the results are disastrous.

    In the last month there has been two excellent examples, one faith-based and the other secular, that demonstrate the triumph of timidity in our cultural decision making generally – and drive home the high cost of that timidity – from the opposite ends of the bandwidth.


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