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Subject: NOT Fake News

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Dean    Posted 11-03-2017 at 13:10:56 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • NOT Fake News
  • Can you imagine how the so-called major media talking heads would be screaming about this if the subjects were Republicans?


    steveVa    Posted 11-03-2017 at 18:13:49 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: NOT Fake News
  • I wonder how many millions it will take to make them all happy. One rat rats on the other rats in order to sell her book. You may not know which rat I am talking about because they are all selling a book.

    Ed Gooding (VA)    Posted 11-03-2017 at 13:33:28 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • thump thump.....
  • the sound of bus tires rolling over ole Hellary. You know the Clintons are done politically when this starts happening. Sure would be nice if the DOJ would take the gloves off and go after the Clintons, but I won't hold my breath.

    Vito    Posted 11-03-2017 at 14:25:31 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: thump thump.....
  • Nice to hear that Obama left them deep in debt also.


    Charles (N.C.)    Posted 11-03-2017 at 13:56:25 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: thump thump.....
  • I don't think the clinton's "need" anyone anymore because they've done $$$$ favors and fleesed all they could plus the connections they have with crooks like soros.They can skate into the sunset and laugh all the way to the bankssssss.But who knows,,,saturday isn't always payday.Hee,,Hee,,I have a feeling hillery is on the phone calling all the democrats and cussing them out.

    Dean    Posted 11-03-2017 at 13:44:52 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: thump thump.....
  • Not a chance.

    They'll skate.


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