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Subject: Food For Thought

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Tim Daley(MI)    Posted 05-02-2018 at 10:30:04 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Food For Thought
  • Food for thought:
    The millennials or whatever it is now, snowflakes, marshmallows, the sunshine, lollipops, and rainbow generation have these common denominators…
    Most all of the high school seniors graduating this year, 2018, were barely born when 9-11-01 happened. Therefore they have no concept of what defending a nation is all about. Since their history books if they exist at all, do not dwell on the wars, Revolutionary, Civil, WWI, WWII, Korean, Viet Nam, et al, they have no idea what was done to preserve freedom in this country. The think protesting the National Anthem is the fashionable thing to do because it is racist as they’ve been brainwashed into believing. They’ve grown up with luxuries like cell phones, Internet, digital interfacing, and much more –things we never had but were instrumental in developing. Most take them for granted.
    Most all of the school shooting perps are disgruntled white boys who had/have mental issues. Maybe it started from their upbringing as mom, and if a two parent home, dad too were off to work and they skipped school to play violent video games a smoke pot all day. ALL used weapons obtained illegally.
    The left continues to blame the NRA and fights to ban ALL guns in the USA. Never mind that they continue to spew out trashy TV shows and movies most all displaying violent gun use as the bad guys shoot up everyone in sight. The same Hollyweird actors and producers who put out this garbage turn around and head to the nearest NRA/anti-gun protest to battle with the police.
    I could go on but you get the idea. I’ll bet I wasn’t the only one who was on Colonel Jessup’s’ side when he said, “…You people have no idea on how to defend a country. All you’ve done is weaken a country and put lives in danger…”.

    Tim Daley(MI)

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