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Subject: Her Too?

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Dean    Posted 10-18-2018 at 07:31:38 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Her Too?
  • Folks, is there no end to this madness?


    Bruce(OR)    Posted 10-18-2018 at 08:00:12 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Her Too?
  • Women are now empowered.
    Personally I like the guy on the NY subway who didn't stand up for the pregnant woman to sit down. I believe he even said words about her now being empowered. Women are now also dying at a higher rate due to heart disease.
    It's a man's world. You want in? Now prepare to pay the price.
    Sorry, you can't have it both ways. Today's women whine that they cant find a real man. I have seen a lot of the current trend. "Metrosexual"? WTH is THAT?
    When a real man shows up, they whine about that.
    Anne Hesch, was playing footsies with Ellen Degeneres. She did a movie with Harrison Ford and right after that declared that she was no longer a lesbian and that being a lesbian was a choice and not a born in gene factor.
    Wow. Real men are still around guys, were just a dying breed.
    Would I have stood up for the pregnant woman? Most of us would have.
    Irregardless of the current double standard.
    Didn't Prince Charming take his life in his hands kissing a poisoned body?
    If Snow White ate the poison, wouldn't it still be on her lips?
    And he kissed her? What is he? A schmuck?
    What woman wants a schmuck?
    Maybe now he's a dead schmuck.
    Maybe he's just the schmuck that didn't stand up because she wanted to be empowered.

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