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Tim Daley(MI)    Posted 11-08-2018 at 05:43:28 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
    Michigan native son and conservative warrior Ted Nugent spoke out about the 2018 midterm election results saying Michigan is sadly turning into a 'progressive' liberal sh**hole state just like Kalifornia. Here's how I see it in Michigan, as pretty much mimicked all over the USA. The reason why the soc/lib bee-otchs (Gretchen & Stabenow) got in was because outgoing Republican governor Snyder did not endorse the Republican Bill Schuette running and because, frankly, the Democrats worked it hard and shelled out the campaign money. They did their job! DEM's solicited call out/reach out vigorous campaigns to blacks, women, and the young voters. Republicans had a lackluster campaign. So, all the financially backed proposals by Democrats... Gerrymandering, Slotkin, Whitmer, Stabenow, Marijuana, redistrict setting, all sailed through. Michigan is now back to a DEMOCRATIC state and the USA House is now controlled by Democrats. Simply put -they got the vote out. Republican leaders slacked and not enough GOP voters showed support at the polls. You can now see, railroading Kavanaugh was acceptable and cutting their social handout programs-unacceptable. That's today's mindset and now clearly represented by the winners. The state of Michigan will soon parallel Kalifornia behaviors. It's what the majority desire... and at the end of the day they won.

    While Gov. Snyder did some very good things.... he made 3 mistakes which nailed the coffin shut for the GOP in 2018:

    1) He erred in taxing retirement incomes. That made the retirees mad.
    2) He chose a known inept Flint/Saginaw Democrat Darnell Earley who made the decision to suck in Flint River water costing state taxpayers $35 million and passed off 50,000 Gen Co. voters.
    3) He would NOT back or endorse or speak up for Governor GOP Bill Schuette.

    The Catholic Church has always been supporters of the Demon-cratic Party. They are the biggest supporters of the ant-abortion/Pro-Life doctrine yet the Democrats are the biggest proponents of Pro-Choice and abortion. As for the church....just like the legalize MARIJUANA everywhere vote.... it's all about the $$$$💰💰💰. Church givers are heavily union blue collar now and State of Michigan gets 10% of pot sales revenue.

    The soc/libs won. They got their women out to vote because of the Kavanaugh SC nomination and this win against the fake Ford charges. They got their young millenials or whatever out to pass legal pot smoking/possession. All part of their anti-Trump campaign. It was sad day not only in Michigan but the entire USA as well. So all you socialist trolls got what you wanted. Let's see how you feel when your taxes get raised, your healthcare goes kaddy-wompous again, and your kids can stay living in your basement smoking dope and playing video games all night and sleeping all day as they won't move out and get jobs. God help us all.

    Tim Daley(MI)

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