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Subject: Canada Has Socialist Snowflakes Too

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  • Canada Has Socialist Snowflakes Too
  • The CBC used Don Cherry's "Coach's Corner" comment last week to have him fired for age discrimination though they tried to use the excuse of discrimination to do it. Don commented on the lack of some Canadians not supporting veterans and buying a poppy. "You immigrants and such enjoy the milk and honey and all of our freedoms..." But don't support our culture and all the veterans and those who gave their ultimate sacrifice to allow our freedoms and way of life. Who did Don discriminate against? He never singled out any particular group yet was fired for racial discrimination. He did he offend except a bunch of socialist snowflakes at the CBC? His CC partner, the prissy liberal snowflake Ron McLean, tried to give an apology. The truth is the CBC felt Don was too old and carried a high salary so they invented another reason to get rid of him and go with a younger, much lower salaried person. Don is 84, worth 2 or 3 million and doesn't need the money. He has been an icon and hero of Canada for years, a vet of HNIC for 38 years. Don Cherry is the Canadian version of Donald Trump. Both are realists and speak from the heart with no BS, never with an apology. This isn't over. watch for Don Cherry to file a reverse discrimination lawsuit, not because he wants or needs the money but because he is a believer in righteous principles. Typical socialist protocol. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau gets re-elected even admitting he sported blackface, clearly a real racially discriminating offense, and Don Cheery gets fired for racial discrimination that never was. Canada has Remembrance Day and the US has Veterans Day, both on November 11 this year. Both nations sell poppies by volunteers, many veterans, for a donation as a reminder of all those who gave their all fighting for the freedoms of our countries. A few years ago in Canada, veterans/members tried to sell poppies at local Target stores amongst many others and were told they couldn't because it against their 'religion'. WTF? When veteran groups protested this treatment, the result was Target was soon out of business. It should be noted Trudeau was not present at any event honoring veterans on Monday. Under his regime, Canada has suffered the worse treatment from veterans having benefits and program cut. Thank you veterans and thank you Grapes.


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