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Subject: Who to blame for DC chaos today

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John in Mich    Posted 01-06-2021 at 20:03:22 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Who to blame for DC chaos today
  • This is going to be e-mailed to my US Rep and 2 US Senators (all Dems)

    Whether you agree or disagree, I don't care. This is how I feel and believe (not all inclusive):

    Who caused the demonstration of Jan. 6, 2021? Think about it:
    And, lest you forget...
    1. A President of questionable birthright in 2008.
    2. Healthcare, “First you have to pass it…
    3. Keep your Doctor, period. NOT!
    4. Keep your insurance, period. NOT!
    5. A President on frequent junkets, and vacations to Hawaii, and more golf outings than his successor (Who owns golf courses)
    6. A carpetbagger Senator from New York (and I believe a murderer) who becomes Secretary of State.
    7. A Sec. of State who sells our uranium to Russia for some payola to her “Foundation”
    8. A Sec. of State who deletes government owned e-mails, wipes and destroys phones and had a personal server in her house (by the way, house paid for by Secret Service)
    9. A Democratic National Committee Chairwoman giving Hillary debate questions
    10. A President empowering our CIA, DOJ and FBI to spy on a duly elected President
    11. A fake dossier, paid for by a REAL loser, used as a basis to harass and impugn our President
    12. A media in the pocket of extreme leftists.
    13. The folderol of Russia collusion held center stage for four years. And, supported by the media patsies.
    14. The asinine articles of impeachment paraded by insolent child-like Democrats
    15. The CHINA virus. What part of CHINA virus is not understood?
    16. The continuous shutdown and lockdown causing losses of businesses and lives.
    17. Illegal elections held in several states. Fake ballots, stolen ballots, dead voters.
    18. A spy on our House Intelligence Committee. AND, NOT REMOVED!
    19. Run-off election of known Socialist/Communist sympathizers, bought and paid for by CHINA!
    20. Pass legislation of $600 to citizens, Billions of dollars to other countries. You remember, PORK!
    21. Finding out that our Federal Government will be Socialist and send our country into bankruptcy.
    How much more BS and stress do you expect US Citizens, real people, to handle?
    Who caused this travesty? Go look in your bathroom mirror!

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