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Subject: For Sale: Ford 3Z and 5Z commercial tools

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Ed Gooding (VA)    Posted 11-12-2021 at 16:37:50 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • For Sale: Ford 3Z and 5Z commercial tools
  • I am selling my collection of Ford tools that were used in authorized dealerships and commercial garages. These tools have a 3Z or 5Z prefix on the part# on each tool. Contact me via email with offers for any or all:

    16Z-1411 Transmission Band Ratchet Wrench
    3Z-1173 Front Radius Rod Ball Cap Screw Bra
    3Z-1179 Flywheel Cap Screw Wrench
    3Z-1223 9/16" Brace Type Radiator Nut Wrench
    3Z-1223-B 37/64" Brace type socket wrench
    3Z-2034 Transmission Band Ratchet Wrench
    3Z-2556 Model T truck hub puller (also for A & B trucks)
    3Z-601 Flywheel cap screw wrench
    3Z-602 Valve spring compressor Tool with S-hook
    3Z-611 Timing gear and transmission driven
    3Z-617 Valve Seat Grinder
    3Z-624 Exhaust Pack Nut Open End Wrench
    3Z-627 Rear axle entering wrench
    3Z-646 3/8" Open End Wrench
    3Z-647 Connecting Rod Clamp Screw Wren
    3Z-655 Large Cam Gear Lock Nut Wrench
    3Z-675 Rear Axle Nut Open End Wrench
    3Z-698 Cylinder Water Outlet Connection Screw Brace Wrench
    3Z-699 Spindle cone adjusting open-end wrench
    51-17035 1948-51 Truck lug wrench
    5Z-1080 Front spring perch nut - L socket wrench
    5Z-1172 Rear Wire Wheel Puller
    5Z-152 Rear Axle Housing Bolt Nut L-Wrench
    5Z-153 Socket wrench for crankshaft bearing
    5Z-1531-DET7 9/16" short speed wrench
    5Z-154 Body Bracket Connecting Bolt R&L
    5Z-155 3/8" L Socket Wrench
    5Z-156 Crankshaft Bearing Bolt Wrench
    5Z-157 Connecting Rod Cap Bolt Nut L-wrench
    5Z-158 D S Housing Stud Nut L Socket Wrench
    5Z-159 Connecting Rod T-wrench
    5Z-160 3/8" T Socket Wrench
    5Z-161 Body Bracket connecting bolt T wrench
    5Z-1705 Model A Hub Puller
    5Z-1821 T-wrench for 5/16" Hex Head Screw
    5Z-1832 Wrench (open end offset) for Cam l
    5Z-1833 Drive pinion adjusting nut open end
    5Z-1834 Ford Model A tool for starter motor
    5Z-1835 Oil Pan Screw Wrench
    5Z-1845 T-wrench for 1/4" hex-head screw -
    5Z-1868 Connecting Rod T-Wrench
    5Z-1900 Crankshaft Wrench
    5Z-1901 45/64" combo L&T for cyl. Head nuts
    5Z-193 Spindle Cone Adjusting Open-End Wrench
    5Z-195 3/8" Open End Wrench
    5Z-196 Rear Axle Entering Wrench
    5Z-197 Rear spring perch open-end wrench
    5Z-2038 Connecting Rod Nut Wrench
    5Z-204 Exhaust Pack Nut Open End Wrench
    5Z-2065 Drive Pinion Bearing Lock Nut Open
    5Z-209 Connecting Rod Clamp Screw Wren
    5Z-210 Flywheel Cap Screw Wrench
    5Z-212 Body Bolt Bracket Open End Wrench
    5Z-249 Generator 3rd brush/Transmission
    5Z-280 Brace type valve grinder
    5Z-2839 Cylinder stud nut wrench
    5Z-285 41/64" hex brace wrench
    5Z-287-A Model T Wheel Puller
    5Z-289 Transmission Cover Bolt & Nut Brace Wrench
    5Z-290 Piston Ring Compressor
    5Z-314 Transmission Clutch Drum Puller
    5Z-319 Valve spring lifter
    5Z-323 Bendix Shaft Head Puller
    5Z-324 Transmission Band Ratchet Wrench
    5Z-325 Connecting Rod Cap Bolt Nut w/Universal Joint
    5Z-326 Transmission Driven Gear Puller
    5Z-591 Truck Rear Axle Nut Wrench
    5Z-806 Generator Third Brush Adjusting Wrench
    5Z-815 T-Wrench - crankshaft center bearing
    5Z-817 Carburetor to flange, Generator to cylinder block
    5Z-821 Large Timing Gear Nut Open End Wrench
    5Z-829 Trans. Band, differential housing, oil plug
    80-17035-B Truck Tire Lug Wrench

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