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Subject: 52 8N Starter

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mthomas    Posted 12-27-2022 at 14:54:37 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • 52 8N Starter
  • I need a new starter, I think the generator is next in line for replacement. The questions are as follows.

    DB Electrical has the starter for $107 with free shipping. Just8NS has it for $203. Both offer it in either 6 or 12 volt. Could they both be the same imported item?

    I am considering a 12 volt conversion. I would rather not, but should I purchase the 12 starter and run it on 6V just in case I convert? This was Just8NS suggestion.

    All thoughts and answers appreciated.

    deanostoybox    Posted 12-27-2022 at 16:40:17 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: 52 8N Starter
  • "Could they both be the same imported item?" Possible.

    "I am considering a 12 volt conversion. I would rather not, but should I purchase the 12 starter and run it on 6V just in case I convert?"

    Maybe you have that backwards?
    6V starters work fine on 12V. Doubt 12V will work as well on 6V.

    If your current starter is original it would be better to rebuild it. Same with the generator. Neither is hard to do. Last starter rebuilt at a local shop was for a Ford 860 and cost 107. Last starter I rebuilt was for a VH4D. Kit less than 20, and a couple of hours. Kit had crimp connectors for the brush wires, so no soldering.

    On using a 6V starter with 12V battery.
    You want to have the new style starter drive with the ratchet, not the old style with the big spring. Also if you use #4 AWG battery cables rather than whatever is on there now: #2, #0, #00, etc. that will help to lessen the "hit" when the starter is first engaged.

    mthomas    Posted 12-27-2022 at 16:55:27 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: 52 8N Starter
  • It was the owner at 8Ns that told me to buy the 12 volt, as it would be better if I did a conversion down the road.

    I have a spare generator, but I would like to drop the DuAl loader as it is next to worthless, and I would like to add one of the two Warn winches I have sitting around. Other than that, I would be happy with 6V. I am not even sure the winches are worth the effort. I have an 18K PTO winch on the front of the truck already. It was milsurp off a 5 quarter.

    There is no rebuild shop locally, and while I have done a few, I would like to be able to have the thing running in the least amount of time. It is only the first part of winter, and I need it for the driveway.

    The best idea might be to buy the DB and a rebuild kit. I have a lathe if I need to take a ridge off the back of the armature.

    Bruce(VA)    Posted 12-27-2022 at 16:38:00 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: 52 8N Starter
  • You might want to call Derek back and confirm that you understood him correctly re: a 12v starter on a 6v battery. I think you misunderstood him. A 6v starter will work fine on 12v; a 12v starter won't do well on 6v.

    mthomas    Posted 12-27-2022 at 16:57:28 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: 52 8N Starter
  • We had a detailed conversation about it. He insisted it would work. I too was skeptical.

    Dn-N-Tn    Posted 12-28-2022 at 09:57:03 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: 52 8N Starter
  • Have to go with Bruce(VA) on this one. I've got two tractors that have run 6V starter and 12V systems for over 20 years with no problem, and I believe the 12V on a 6V system won't work so well.

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