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Subject: May Tractor Registry Entries

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  • May Tractor Registry Entries
  • Owner: Mike Paradis
    Model Year: 1952
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 8N470735
    Description: Purchased at auction in NY. Runs great.

    Owner: Bill Langenfeld
    Model Year: 1941
    Model: 9N
    S/N: 9N52770
    Description: Red and grey in running shape and converted to 12 volt. New Carb New radiator new front and rear rims and tires new spindle bushings and hub bearings replaced one spindle and hub with used - lined the gas tank new brakes
    Owner: Rich Hall
    Model Year: 1945
    Model: 2N
    S/N: 9N172732
    Description: got this for a steal and now I cut my 10 acres n half the time. If it does nt start I m going back to bed. I wish everything started and ran this well. TCB in TN

    Owner: David Danforth
    Model Year: 1953
    Model: Golden Jubilee
    S/N: NAA27819
    Description: Complete restore of machine with 12v conv showing with intent to sell
    Previous Owner's Name: N/A

    Owner: Darrow School
    Model Year: 1956
    Model: 640
    S/N: 97650
    Description: In great condition- stored indoors.
    Previous Owner's Name: N/A

    Owner: Damon Bunting
    Model Year: 1939
    Model: 9N
    S/N: 9N3355
    Description: In really rough shape. Looking to restore in the near future. NW Arkansas.
    Owner: Damon Bunting
    Model Year: 1941
    Model: 9N
    S/N: 9N77763
    Description: All original except for steering wheel and grill. Fresh grey paint. Cast iron one piece dash, battery box, and steering column.

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