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Subject: Harbor (China) Freight

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John in Mich    Posted 11-10-2021 at 19:53:11 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Harbor (China) Freight
  • On Sunday, Nov 7, 2021, I purchased, with cash, a 7x9 blue tarp to cover my 6x8 trailer to haul leaves to the township compost site. I also purchased an eyelet kit as I suspected that the spacing on the tarp was sparse.
    When I laid the tarp on the the trailer, I decided that I did not need the eyelets.
    On Monday, Nov 8, I took the eyelets back to Harbor Freight. I had my receipt. The package had NOT been opened.
    They asked for my phone number and my name. I said that I paid cash and wanted a refund. That information was not required at purchase. I presented my receipt.
    The cashier said that is was company policy to require the information for any return.
    So, I gave the cashier an old work telephone number and said that my name was, "Joe Blow". He would not accept that and called a manager stating that I was an un-cooperative customer.
    While waiting for the manager, the clerk wanted to wait on other customers. I said that I was a customer and wanted my CASH refund. DEAF!
    The clerk waited on 3 other customers while I waited for the manager. I did NOT move from in front of the cashier.
    Finally, the manager showed up and stated that is was "company policy" to get the phone number and name of the person returning an item. I reiterated that I had paid cash, had my receipt and the unopened package.
    The manager finally opened the cash register and proceeded to give me my refund and handed me $4.23.
    Whoa! My receipt showed that I had paid $4.49 PLUS 6% sales tax.
    He finally handed me $4.75, cash, after a bit of argument.
    So, if you shop there, be aware. I have no plans to ever go back.

    Mower    Posted 11-12-2021 at 06:40:40 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Harbor (China) Freight
  • That's company policy at a lot of businesses for a cash return. It's done so that a cashier or manager can't just ring in an imaginary cash return-it provides a paper trail so that if anything is questionable, they can call the phone number and confirm that the transaction was actually made with a customer. You made a spectacle over nothing.

    I personally choose not to shop at Horror Freight to begin with; I choose not to patronize a business that specializes in garbage commodities made in a communist country that is actively working to undermine the United States.

    John in Mich    Posted 11-12-2021 at 19:23:24 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Harbor (China) Freight
  • Interesting response. When did a cash receipt for $4.49 plus tax become a potential for imaginary cash return? If their system does not recognize their own receipt and their own product, they have the problem. Why make it my problem? Bigger retailers do not have that problem. A valid, dated receipt with the undamaged, unopened item is sufficient, PERIOD!

    Mower    Posted 11-14-2021 at 07:09:00 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Harbor (China) Freight
  • You really can't figure that out on your own?
    A cashier can reprint a cash sales receipt that has multiple items on it from the register and put it in their pocket. The next day (or later that day) they can run the receipt through as a cash return and pocket the money.

    They don't keep the original receipt when a return is made because there are other items on it, and the customer may need it in the future. To help prevent this type of loss, the retailer creates a policy that requires a name and phone number so that if auditing begins to see a problem, they can contact the real customer and verify that a cash return was actually done.

    The National Retail Federation surveys retailers every year, and for 2019 (the last year figures were available) 28% reported counterfeit cash receipt return fraud, and 65% reported employee return fraud.

    And yes, bigger retailers do have that problem. If you don't have one of their serialized receipts, Walmart will require an ID before they will issue a cash receipt. Lowes will require the original credit card, checking account number, phone number, or photo id.

    Your little fit that you threw in the store did no good whatsoever. If you want to make an impact, contact the corporate offices and complain. The people in the store are only trying to follow corporate policy, and have no authority to change it.

    John in Mich    Posted 11-15-2021 at 05:53:21 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Harbor (China) Freight
  • You said: "You really can't figure that out on your own?
    A cashier can reprint a cash sales receipt that has multiple items on it from the register and put it in their pocket. The next day (or later that day) they can run the receipt through as a cash return and pocket the money."

    That looks to me like a system design flaw/failure. That is a management problem, not the customer's. What don't you understand about that?

    You said: "If you don't have one of their serialized receipts, Walmart will require an ID before they will issue a cash receipt."
    I have never had to (nor will I ever) show ID for a cash purchase, particularly for such a small amount. AND, I always insist on a receipt. PERIOD!

    Now, my wife worked in retail sales for K-mart and JC Penny for the better part of 20 years. During those years, I heard many stories of attempted retail fraud and outright shoplifting. Some were rather scary. In one case, a manager overrode my wife rejecting a return with no receipt for an item the store did not stock or sell because, "the customer is always right". Poor management, again!

    We can go on and on with this verbose nonsense if you like, and apparently you do.

    BTW, I have NEVER given them my telephone number during ANY purchase, cash or credit.

    poderac    Posted 11-20-2021 at 05:49:06 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Harbor (China) Freight
  • I agree with mower. Why give the poor minimum wage clerk a hard time. If you have a problem, take it to corporate. I came up with a name.... David R. Cash. Using a phone number I had 20 years ago, for small cash purchases. I have never had a problem. I use my real ID and a credit card for large purchases, in case I have a real problem.

    John in Mich    Posted 11-20-2021 at 18:41:11 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Harbor (China) Freight
  • Your opinion. Respected but...I did not insult the cashier. The cashier is the front line. I challenged the store procedure. I am the customer, period. My cash will go elsewhere, period.
    Rural King has much of the same stuff. I call it Harbor Freight and Tractor Supply on steroids. Just a little further to drive.

    Frank (WNY)    Posted 11-12-2021 at 17:56:21 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Harbor (China) Freight
  • I agree with the sentiment. I havenít bought anything there in years. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer places that sell anything made in places that arenít under some communist or dictators control. The company that I retired from shipped most of the products in China. I couldnít wait to leave that place. Shortly after I left, china virus hit and production ceased. They couldnít even build stuff here because they didnít have the capability to make the subassemblies to build units. They lost business, but didnít learn because just waited it out until they could get the supply lines back. Eventually, I foresee them running into real trouble again and wonít be able to recover next time.

    Bruce(OR)    Posted 11-13-2021 at 13:37:34 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Harbor (China) Freight
  • This current situation is a nice shot over the bow. Now if manufacturing is not paying attention, the next foray down this road will be disastrous on a even larger scale.
    I remember when Ford made the woody wagon, Henry bought a forest or two. Now Henry is gone and Ford has a chop shortage. I suspect Henry would have never had that problem.
    Wanna see if Ford learns? Wanna bet long term?

    John in Mich    Posted 11-10-2021 at 19:57:59 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Harbor (China) Freight
  • I forgot to mention that the manager said any future purchase by me would require a driver license. FAT CHANCE!!!

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