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Subject: Late 8n steering sector removal

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Matt Fraley    Posted 03-25-2023 at 11:19:10 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Late 8n steering sector removal
  • I have an 8n that have identified as a 1950 model, there is no serial number on the block but I have dated it by using pictures and descriptions of the steering setup. It has two bolt steering sectors and no proof meter in the dash. I am trying to remove the right hand steering sector but it will not budge from the steering box housing. The left one popped right out and hit the floor when I hit it from the opposite side of the steering box. The left one, however will not move at all. Does anyone have a good way to get that out? This was all brought on by a steering wheel that locked up when turning to the right, which I have read is a common issue with these. I ave got a new steering shaft, steering wheel, all the bearings, etc back in but I want to take it all apart and rebuild the sectors and everything.
    Also, it seems to be leaking gear oil from somewhere. I assume it is maybe leaking from the welsh plug in the bottom as there is a large buildup of oil coming from the back of the steering box housing near the plate that houses the starter button and the gear shifter.
    Thanks for any information you can provide!

    Tool Pro    Posted 03-26-2023 at 04:54:43 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Late 8n steering sector removal
  • Are you looking in the right place for the block serial number? All production Nís had a serial number. Itís located on a cast boss behind the oil filter canister near the head; hand stamped. All 9N & 2Nís used the Ď9Ní s/n ID and the 8N used the Ď8Ní ID. Early blocks had a star symbol prefix and suffix to designate steel cylinder sleeves were used and in 1951 that was changed at s/n 263843 to a diamond symbol to define that cast iron sleeves were used. In 1949 the 8N went through a few changes, one being the steering box was revamped at s/n 216989 and now used the Ďlateí steering box. Donít rely on a s/n for much though. ID your setup by whether it has a front mount distributor or a side mount. Engine blocks got swapped out on occasion. You could have an 8N block in your 9N and vice versa. Here are pictures of the early and late steering boxes. You can find service information in your 8N Operatorís Manual; the I&T FO-4 Manual; and the 39-53 MPC. The 39-53 MPC has exploded view sketches of both boxes with all the parts shown and part numbers listed too.
    N Tractor Serial Number Location:

    8N early steering box:

    8N late steering box:

    Bob    Posted 03-25-2023 at 12:48:36 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Late 8n steering sector removal
  • The steering arms are splined to the shafts. Getting a stubborn arm off may require a puller, and possibly heat.

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