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Subject: Kamala loses 2nd speechwriter and more

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Ed Gooding (VA)    Posted 07-18-2022 at 15:11:26 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Kamala loses 2nd speechwriter and more
  • Two more top aides are exiting stage left in a long procession of those heading for the lifeboats on the vice president’s version of the titanic. She has lost at least 15 people on her staff since she has been in office with President Joe Biden.

    Domestic Policy Adviser Rohini Kosoglu announced that she will be departing in August and Director of Speechwriting Meghan Groob is also stepping down after only four months according to Politico. Groob took over for Kate Childs Graham who left in February.

    Groob’s departure follows a particularly vapid speech that Harris gave last week concerning transportation.

    Twitter of course went nuts with some pretty funny stuff:


    "I'm resigning because when you resign you're resigned to resigning because leaving by resigning is what someone who leaves as a failure is what they're resigned to resign as, so I'm resigned to resigning."
    Kamala Harris’ speech writer is leaving after 4 months on the gig. Apparently she’s gotta get going to where she’s gotta go because it’s time to keep doing what she’s been doing and that time is everyday.
    "We all live on this planet. Because it is our planet. The planet we live on. And not another planet. Which we don't live on. Because those other planets are really far away. And our planet is right here. We're on it right now."
    For generations, we together, have lived together. Together in cities, which are different than towns, doing what me must do together, to work together and do the work together. And that time is every day.
    I am resigned to the resignation of many of most of my staff, who, being resigned to my lack of resignation, have now resigned in protest at the resignations which have been occurring and not occurring in this office, it’s surroundings, and the area.
    We are gathered here today for a reason. And that reason is a very good reason, indeed. In point of fact, it is the *exact* reason and only reason we're gathered here today. And what is that reason? Gathering. GATHERING is the reason.

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