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Subject: Most Dangerous Thing In Your Shop

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Dan 2N    Posted 08-05-2006 at 17:25:38 [URL]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Most Dangerous Thing In Your Shop
  • Check link below.

    Red Neckerson    Posted 06-03-2007 at 19:21:32 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Most Dangerous Thing In Your Shop
  • I think the most dangerous thing anyone has is confidence. Anytime anyone who works with machinery of any kind and gets to thinking they are too good they forget to respect the equipment they are operating. Most of the time when somebody gets hurt by equipment it's because they forgot they weren't to good to get hurt. I have had many lessons from everything from old hit-n-miss engines to motorcycles all because I wasn't thinking about what I was doing. Very few beginers get hurt because they are worried about doing something wrong and thinking about everything they do and old pro's don't usually get hurt because they've learned the lessons the hard way. It's usually guys that have a few months or years under their belt and think they have whatever they are running whipped that get hurt. Hopefully you get lucky like me and get lessons that hurt for a little bit but don't kill or cripple you. These lessons will make you smarter and safer in the future. If you want to try and play or work with things like these old tractors and equipment without getting hurt the best advice you can get is these two words..... WHAT IF?
    This advice does'nt seem like much but if you will just think these two words BEFORE you do whatever you are doing
    What if .........
    that belt comes off?
    the tractor jumps in or out of gear?
    the ground is soft?
    that loading board breaks?
    my shirt or clothes get caught in that ?
    I lose my balance ?
    See what I mean , those to words if you learn to use them will save you alot of band-aids and possibly your life.
    These tractors and the like can be alot of fun and great hobby as well as huge work savers , but remember 1 thing machinery of any kind does NOT forgive mistakes and doesn't care about your life. That part is up to you. That bush-hog doesn't care if it's cutting brush or your legs so you have to.
    Have fun and keep this old stuff running but don't forget to ask WHAT IF?

    Jimmyjack    Posted 01-06-2007 at 00:46:02 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Most Dangerous Thing In Your Shop
  • Got to tell you what happened to my neighbor. He overhauled the engine in a dump truck. He had the front tires removed and the truck on stands. When done he started the engine and crawled underneath to check for leaks. As the air pressure built up, the large bags on the rear end filled up and pushed the truck off the stands and crushed him. He is living, was air vac to a trauma center, and I cant say much for his long term prognosis, but is in for many operations. Proper blocking when crawling under anything is critical, you dont get many second chances.

    49er    Posted 12-11-2006 at 23:43:47 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Most Dangerous Thing In Your Shop
  • Yessir,I agree,I am th most dangerous thing in th shop!!!
    My brain is anyhow...
    I was welding a while back;stopped to reclamp th work,I then saw two batteries and a propane cylinder in th immediate area...
    I shut off th welder and made things SAFE...
    I guess I was used to having to keep things like that AWAY from th welding area at work and just didn`t think about it at home???
    I sure was surprized at th hazards I found laying around that day...

    Jim.UT    Posted 08-09-2006 at 12:34:02 [URL]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Most Dangerous Thing In Your Shop
  • I like to use an old sprinkler box as a step stool. I'm talking about the green units that go under ground and have a removeable lid so you can access your sprinkling system valves.

    Many years ago, when I was installing a sprinkling system, I cut the holes in the wrong places for the pipes. I had to go buy a new box, but instead of tossing the ruined one, I kept it and it has turned out to be very handy. The sides taper out so it's wider at the base than at the top. It won't tip over and holds plenty of weight. It was built strong enough so you could drive over it with a riding lawnmower and not collapse. It's also lightweight so it can easily be carried wherever you need it.

    AL CT    Posted 08-05-2006 at 18:35:20 [URL]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Most Dangerous Thing In Your Shop
  • To all:
    I agree that the milk cartons are dangerous.
    I had one that I was using for a step stool. This carton had a weakened step area (bottom) and once I stepped on it, my foot went right through it and there I stood with the bear trap grip around my ankle. HURT! To say the least and worst part I was all alone in the shop. Had to walk to the tool chest with this big plastic cuff. Took some time but was able to remove after cutting with sheet metal cutters. Never again have I used these cartons to step on, just carry stuff.
    AL CT

    Ross Pugh(NC)    Posted 08-06-2006 at 09:37:10 [URL]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Most Dangerous Thing In Your Shop
  • The most dangerous thing in your shop is "YOU". Think about it. Ain't I right?

    jethro    Posted 09-11-2006 at 17:28:51 [URL]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Most Dangerous Thing In Your Shop
  • Id have to say my boss

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