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Subject: Don't Pull From Homemade 9N Drawbar

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Administration    Posted 07-30-2006 at 07:25:08 [URL]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Don't Pull From Homemade 9N Drawbar
  • Don't pull from a homemade 9N drawbar assembly that's only attached using the 4 bolts in back around the PTO housing.

    Note: This is not to belittle Dan, but to warn others of the dangers that may happen using a similar drawbar set up.

    The thread below is an experience shared by Farmer Dan on the "N board" while using a homemade 9N/2N drawbar assembly that was only attached to the back of the center housing on his 9N.


    LeeMo    Posted 11-17-2006 at 18:17:12 [URL]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Don't Pull From Homemade 9N Drawbar
  • I don't recall if I posted anything about it but I had a similar homemade setup on one of my project 8Ns that was in place when I got the tractor. I saw what happened with Dans machine and it's now on a shelf in the tractor shed in case I can use the metal for something.

    Farmer Dan    Posted 07-31-2006 at 07:34:32 [URL]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Don't Pull From Homemade 9N Drawbar
  • Yep! I learned alot from that incident, for one the casting breaking just may have saved my life (tractor flipping) and there is a great bunch of guys here. The old fords are easier to work on than I thought. and Safety is a good thing!

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