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Subject: trailering tractors

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heybusdriver    Posted 11-17-2006 at 19:45:28 [URL]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • trailering tractors
  • About rental or personal trailers, be careful of the ramps used when loading or unloading a tractor, even if it is to winched on .
    I bought a tractor , rented a car hauler trailer, drove the tractor onto the trailer, but because I have no place to try my tractor, (I live on a city lot) I trailered my tractor to my brother's acreage to give it a try. When I got my tractor out to my brother's my tractor would now not start (flooded carb) . we pushed the tractor off the trailer , and tried to get it started by towing at a slow speed , after ten minutes would not go, so towed it back onto the trailer. Just as the right back tire got ot the top of the ramp, the ramp broke , luckily the tractor was still hooked to the chain towing me on to the trailer, had it not been the right wheel would have fell down causing the tractor to tip with me on it.

    I went back to the place that I rented the trailer from and complained it may have caused me loose my life because of this broken weld on the ramp. They checked the other trailers they had and 2 more had cracked welds on the ramps.

    So is what I am saying even if you are winching the tractor onto the trailer , MAKE SURE YOUR WELDS ON YOUR RAMP ARE NOT CRACKED OR BROKEN .

    Safety first

    Jeff C    Posted 10-29-2007 at 08:01:38 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: trailering tractors
  • "Check the weld's"... truer words were never spoken. A couple of years ago I enlisted the help of a buddy (a guy with a 1 1/4 ton truck and a homebuilt float) to move my old Fordson. When we went to get the trailer, right away I noticed that the built quality was sketchy. We eventually loaded it up and took off. On the way to where we were going and with me following in my own vehicle, because the trailer lights were non-existant, it occured to me that the trailer looked a little low up front. I figured I just never noticed this at the start of our little journey. When we were getting ready to unload, there it was... the hitch was nearly separated from the truck!!! That's why the trailer looked low. The welds had broken except for one corner. Another bump or to and it would have been a terrible scene as the "safety" chains were hooked on to the part of the hitch that was nearly torn off. And we had gone down and up some fairly steep hills in residential areas too!!! All I could picture was the tractor straped to the trailer rolling down a hill into oncoming traffic or into a house. NOT GOOD. Next time I'll be paying way more attention to the welding, mine and the other guy's as well... Good advice...

    LeeMo    Posted 11-20-2006 at 12:45:45 [URL]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: trailering tractors
  • Good advice, Stan. I try to make it a point to look over my equipment periodically to avoid nasty surprises like that.

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