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Posted by Tim Daley(MI) on April 23, 2010 at 09:04:37 [URL] [DELETE] :

This post deals with a potential fire hazard caused by an electrical short in the key switch wiring. It should be under a FMEA (failure mode effect analysis)document. This happened to me yesterday after I was out plowing and discing gardens and food plots for neighbors and myself all morning and early afternoon. I took a break, shut tractor off, but after dinner went out to do more and turned key switch to 'ON' position to start tractor. Immediately smoke poured out from under dash and I noticed Ammeter pegged at -30 amps. Shutting it off quickly, I determined a shorted switch was the culprit. I removed the toolbox and inspection showed a melted wire and blackened area on back of toolbox. Conlusion was that the wire had been rubbing on the back of toolbox and finally wore through and shorted out, which melted wires on switch. Luckily I did no more damage and happened to have a used switch which I promptly replaced the defective one with. I also wire-tied the key switch wires together and out of harms way so it won't happen again. Another solution would be to replace with a DC original repro with the fabric insulator wrap around the wires. I'll order one and do that. The potential for fire existed because if I would have topped off the gas tank as I was going to do but decided I had enough to do what I wanted to do, and spilled a litle on battery cover, the possibilty of fire was great. Check your wires and remedy if needed. Here are some pictures of the accident:

Tim Daley(MI)

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