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Here is a copy of the note I sent to Wendy's Restaurants. I hope all of you will do the same.

I just saw a new TV ad for Wendy's. I have to say I was very alarmed by what I saw. It depicted a fellow driving a Massey-Ferguson tractor with a Woman standing on the three point hitch holding on to him. Do you have any Idea how many people(often children) are killed/maimed/crippled by riding on farm and industrial equipment. There should be no "passengers" on a tractor unless it is built for them. Equipment like that is very rare, and I can assure you the MF135 used in that ad was never intended to carry passengers. Her pant leg could become entangled in the PTO stub. I won't even describe the horrific injuries that this can cause. She could slip off and be dragged or crushed. There are also numerous sharp items and pinch points that could easily and instantly gore/disfigure whatever came their way.
I'm sure that the ad was created innocently enough, but to continue showing it is irresponsible. Children are very impressionable and get a lot of crazy ideas in their heads on their own, let alone with this kind of influence.
Would you show an ad with people playing chicken with a freight train? Or 5 year olds on roller blades hanging onto cars? I hope Wendy's will recognize that this ad is not suitable and edit or retire it immediately. Public safety and a positive influence on kids are EVERYONE'S responsibility. I'm sure Wendy's can find a more appropriate way to promote its excellent products.

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