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Subject: Restoring a Ferguson plow

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Charles Krammin    Posted 03-09-2018 at 11:59:18 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Restoring a Ferguson plow
  • I restored a Ferguson plow with cast points and no tail wheel.
    1. I had a John Deere modern "rock share". It is of the radix design, with a curved down point and 4 bolt holes, with 2 bolt holes close together at the short frontne torch to cut 2 holes thru the existing cast points, using the new 2 holes as a template. I then bolted the new radix point on. Now if I ever wear the JD point out, and if I can still purchase a JD "rock share" I will just have to make a new cut one on. Normally a point wears more at the front of the point and less at the rear. In the 1940-50, We used to have a blacksmith weld on a car spring to the worn out point, to refurbish it.
    2. Since I needed to replace the worn out front/short landslide, .I used the remaining part of the JD rockshare, as the replacement, again using the old landslide, as a template, burn the 2 bolt holes.
    3 For the long outside worn out landslide, I welded a worn out Ford radix point on the existing landslide.
    4. I welded another 6"length of of a worn out point to the other point to gain 6"of permanent landslide to replace the lost tail wheel.

    Lots of labor, but doing my own its free.

    I now have a $400 + plow, that should last my lifetime, or 20 acres,, whatever comes first.

    Charles Krammin

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