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Subject: March Tractor Registry Entries

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  • March Tractor Registry Entries
  • Owner: Ed Stembridge
    Model Year: 1950
    Model: 8N
    S/N: *8N249439*
    Description: Purchased locally in 2001 for $1,200. Complete rebuild completed in 2008 as originally configured (6V). Used on our small farm for haying (sickle bar, rake, baling), plowing, discing, drilling seed, plowing snow, etc.
    Previous Owner's Name: Unknown

    Owner: Guy Gregory
    Model Year: 47
    Model: 8n
    S/N: 8n176
    Owner: Lynn Patrick
    Model Year: 1955
    Model: 960
    S/N: 44801
    Description: Rough w/much farmerizing, but runs great!
    Previous Owner's Name: Scott Implement, Biggsville, IL

    Owner: Tim Lalonde
    Model Year: 1949
    Model: 8n
    S/N: 188963
    Description: My first 8N. Haven't had it very long but happy with my purchase.

    Owner: John Cobb
    Model Year: 1950
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 8N334850
    Description: Just a good ole Red Belly, wanted a 1947 to match my birth year, still looking.
    Previous Owner's Name: Jimmy Tankerously

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