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Subject: Need Ford 600 Dash cluster

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Charles    Posted 04-04-2019 at 08:53:20 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Need Ford 600 Dash cluster
  • Help
    Yt and Stiener do not have cluster panel (under steering wheel and holds, proofmeter and all gauges) for Ford 600. Mine was rusty and I cut some out so I would not to remove Temp gauge, in Block. Have search posted to tractor jink sites.
    Will weld mine up as last resort.
    Mailbox open

    WayneIA    Posted 04-05-2019 at 18:58:22 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Need Ford 600 Dash cluster
  • Don't be misled.The dash tin for a 600 and a 800 are different. The hole for the steering shafts are not in the exact same place

    Tim Daley(MI)    Posted 04-05-2019 at 05:12:56 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • I plugged in "FORD 600 TRACTOR" on eBay and this was the first thing that popped up...

    Charles    Posted 04-10-2019 at 07:49:39 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: LIKE THIS?
  • Yep.Bought it. Bottom piece extra. Mine also had side cracks om bottom piece , but I brazed it. Now have an extra.
    Thanks for help. Now read my front swivel pin job for future reference.
    Got to get this 600 going as I now have the rear wheels in to max, so I can check row plant, in the tracks at 40"row in my food plot, cultivate, hand plant sunflower in space, cultivate, spread buckwheat.
    Next planned job. Make front grill like like JD side panels, to keep stuff out of radiator.
    Send me email, so I can have you post picture for me.

    Charles    Posted 04-08-2019 at 16:04:28 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: LIKE THIS?
  • Yes Tim they are different even serial #. The Url shown is for late 600's and 800's.
    The difference are 1.Naa -steering post 1/8"off center (higher) and hole 1/8" (would fit ok over post), but leave 1'8' space on top. Hole for throttle-1/4" higher (probably enough wobble up to work). Not perfectly sure if side panel attach are same (width). (maybe bendable 1/8")
    Don't ask how I now know. Its only beer money. Now have a spare NAA.

    M Brent    Posted 04-04-2019 at 18:22:37 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Need Ford 600 Dash cluster
  • You might try Russell's tractor parts, Scottsboro Al. 1-800-248-8883.

    Kimberly    Posted 04-04-2019 at 16:51:45 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Need Ford 600 Dash cluster
  • You can try Fitts Tractor in Virginia. They had a tractor salvage yard; not sure what they have but you can give them a ring and see; (434) 685-7850

    Tim Daley(MI)    Posted 04-04-2019 at 13:36:53 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Need Ford 600 Dash cluster
  • I don't think anyone repoops dash panels. From what I read into part numbers, the 53-54 NAA is different than the 55- 57 NAA and 600. I don't think I've ever seen a dash rusted out but maybe you should've made sure you had a replacement before you chopped out the cancer. You're probably going to have to find a parts tractor -try fleabay. I don't buy anything on YT -why? They don't make any parts; they only sell they Cheena made stuff from the parts suppliers who sponsor them. STEINER gets a lot of their stuff made in Cheena as does everyone else including Dennis Carpenter now. Option #2 would be to hit the boneyards on and offline. Place ADS on the tractor boards. Facebook also has 3 or 4 Ford tractor pages too.

    Tim Daley(MI)

    Jim    Posted 04-08-2019 at 07:36:49 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Need Ford 600 Dash cluster
  • Tim, so are you saying there is really no parts supplier that has quality parts anymore? That's a shame.

    Walt/Tx    Posted 04-04-2019 at 09:31:15 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Re: Need Ford 600 Dash cluster
  • Iíve got one from an NAA. I can send you pics by email, I donít post pics here, too much trouble.

    Charles    Posted 04-04-2019 at 20:28:31 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • Re: Need Ford 600 Dash cluster
  • I made a super deal from responder Walt from this website.Thanks for all who responded You a great bunch of guys that are so helpful
    Charles Krammin

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