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Subject: May Tractor Registry Entries

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  • May Tractor Registry Entries
  • Owner: Steve Olson
    Model Year: 1948
    Model: 8N
    S/N: *8N53686*
    Previous Owner's Name: Dennis Petersen

    Owner: Kevin Hillner
    Model Year: 1940
    Model: 9N
    S/N: 207395
    Owner: Joe Dowling
    Model Year: 1950
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 8N296723
    Description: Grandfather bought new in 1950. Left for dead in a field in 1999, after his death. Resurrected in 2020.
    Previous Owner's Name: Richard L. Stevens

    Owner: Ethan Horning
    Model Year: 1947
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 8N2383
    Description: Very low wear and tear on this early 8N. I am in the process of restoring it.

    Owner: Greg Goddard
    Model Year: 1947
    Model: 8N
    S/N: 8N15643
    Description: My dad bought this 8N brand new in 1947. It is mechanically excellent but hasn't run in 8 years. Just finished restoring my dadís 8N.†Has always run great and now looks great again too.†It had been in a barn untouched for over a decade.
    Previous Owner's Name: John F. Goddard, Jr.

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  • Re: May Tractor Registry Entries
  • That 8N posted by Joe Dowling is unique and beautiful. I would never repaint a tractor like that.
    The glass of pale ale on the bumper is a sweet touch too.

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