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Subject: September Tractor Registry Entries

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  • September Tractor Registry Entries
  • Owner: Jason Vanosdol
    Model Year: 1949
    Model: 8n
    S/N: 192964
    Description: My wife’s grandfather bought it new, and brought it to the family farm where it has stayed ever since. We are the 3rd generation owners and still use it on a regular basis.
    Previous Owner's Name: Ken Wooster

    Owner: Jason Vanosdol
    Model Year: 1951
    Model: 8n
    S/N: 422462
    Description: I bought this tractor a few years in an estate sale of a family friend. He used this tractor regularly and I wanted to add it to my collection.
    Previous Owner's Name: Vergil Trosper
    Owner: Chuck Schwickerath
    Model Year: 1950
    Model: 8n
    S/N: 342520
    Description: Tractor was restored to good mechanical condition by previous owner.
    Previous Owner's Name: Willard Sitze

    Owner: Dave Hoffman
    Model Year: 1939
    Model: 9N
    S/N: 9N 739
    Description: Purchased from the original owner in Ohio. With the exception of one hood dogleg, all aluminum parts are there. It's been kept inside and well-maintained. Has a Sherman combo auxiliary transmission.
    Previous Owner's Name: not disclosed

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