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DOUG    Posted 12-11-2023 at 21:33:04 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [Email]  
  • I have a 1947 2n with a cast iron/steel distributor housing. What years did ford make these and when did they change to aluminum?
    Thanks in advance for your time and patience with an ole tractor nut.

    Tim Daley (MI)    Posted 12-22-2023 at 06:11:26 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • FYI: Cast Iron and Steel are two different materials. The Cast Iron Front Mount Distributor, p/n 9N-12200-A2 was an optional unit released in 1943 as conserving aluminum and magnesium became the priority for WWII airplanes and other parts. It was obsolete almost as soon as it was released. It never was put into full production, as 2N production was halted as per US War Board directives anyway since FEB 10, 1942. That all ended in April 1943, when Harry Ferguson personally went to FDR in Washington to plea his case for FORD needing tractor production resumed as part of the war effort domestically and abroad. Farms were the backbone of American life and food and livestock provided were needed to support US Troops with food and such. Harry then arranged for a demo at FDR's upstate New York farm of the Ford-Ferguson Tractor and a few implements. FDR was so very impressed with what he saw he bought the 2N and ordered another with implements for his own farm. The next day FDR issued a directive rescinding the previous US war restrictions. All US production was included, not just FORD. By April, 1943, standard production at all US manufacturing plants and their suppliers began ramping up to resume domestic production. The Cast Iron Front Mount Distributor can be found on occasion and if you won one, I suggest to have it blasted and painted FORD DARK GREY M2888, rebuilt to specs, and used as a display.

    Tim Daley (MI)

    Steve Dabrowski    Posted 12-20-2023 at 19:09:03 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • I believe the Aluminum distributor housings were the part from 39 until the end of 1941. The war put an end to much of the use of aluminum in products not destined for the war effort. Suspect the steel distributer housing started in early 1942. Someone else may have better info on this.

    Keep in mind that beginning of 1942 the steel allotment for tractors was stopped and it took a vigorous campaign by Harry Ferguson to lobby congress and FDR to get the allotment approved for the Ford/Ferguson tractor. Ford was the only one who got it in the amount needed to continue mass production of tractors throughout the war. As a comparison for the four years of war Detroit produced all of 300+ automobiles.

    Doug    Posted 12-22-2023 at 16:51:27 [URL] [DELETE]        [Reply] [No Email]  
  • Thanks for the response to my question about the 2n distributor. I do know cast iron and cast steel are quite different, but I did not know which it is. Your information is wonderful an informative. I do have a cast iron distributor that was on my 47 2n. It has been sandblasted, refurbished, and painted 2n grey awaiting to be reinstalled when the tractor is far enough along in it restoration.
    Merry Christmas to all

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