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The N Tractor Club Ads forum is intended to be used by fellow old iron lovers to buy and sell tractor parts to help each other restore and maintain their tractors. This is a free service offered by the N Tractor Club. We charge no fees or commissions for this service. We also do not endorse anyone who posts items here. We suggest that participants observe the age-old warning of Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) and exercise common sense and restraint when engaging in transactions with people that you do not know.

By posting or responding to classified ads at Ntractorclub.com, you agree to and accept the following terms:
  1. Ntractorclub.com, its officers, or administrators are not responsible for the content or integrity of any ad. Sellers/buyers do so at their own risk.
  2. Buyers and sellers are solely responsible for their transactions. Ntractorclub.com cannot guarantee that a seller or buyer will consummate a sale. Sellers and buyers agree that this is a risk they assume.
  3. Sellers and buyers are responsible for making arrangements for payment and shipping of the items. Ntractorclub.com does not get directly involved in the details of any sale.
  4. All ads are periodically reviewed. Ntractorclub.com may delete any ad at its discretion without notice.

NOTE: After your item has been sold, please reply to your thread with SOLD as the subject. No need to email the administrators to delete your ad. Ad's will be deleted after approximately 90 days. Those of you still needing to find or sell an item, please post your ad again. Any questions please email the NTC Administrators.

The NTC Administration