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You "join" the N Tractor Club when you first walk in the door.  We don't have membership fees, code words or secret handshakes.  You just need to have an interest in old tractors, with a focus on Fords to get the most from our site.

The one characteristic that has remained constant from Day-1 is the friendly and hospitable tone of the site and its participants. The NTC bills itself as being “newbie friendly”, which means a site where new owners can come and feel safe about asking any question about how to safely use, maintain and/or correctly restore their old Ford tractor and implements. Questions from newbies are answered in friendly and helpful tones, encouraging them and others to not be afraid of asking questions and seeking help with problems.

  • Check out our How-To's sections for tutorials written by participants that you can download for free.

  • Check out our Manuals section for hundreds of owners and parts manuals, as well as dealer brochures that cover tractors, implements and accessories. Our manuals are free to download.

  • Our N Board forum gets the most traffic and participation. Do not hesitate to ask ANY question that you may have. Our philosophy is that the only "dumb" question is one that is not asked. Our culture here is very newbie friendly - we don't beat people up for asking a question that we've already answered many times. The last thing we want is for someone to break something or get hurt because they were afraid to ask a question.

  • Our Implements section is for asking questions about using, maintaining or restoring old implements, primarily Dearborn and Ferguson, but others are also discussed.

  • Feel free to post a free Wanted or For Sale advertisement in our Ads section. Photos will really help you sell your item. Don’t forget to note where you are located (county and state) so potential buyers can factor in driving time or shipping costs.

  • Our N History forum is targeted towards those who like to learn as much history as they can about our beloved old iron.

  • Check out our Politics section covering every aspect of politics, news, humor, and polls.

  • Our Safety section has many posts about safely using your tractor and implements.

  • Our Tools section is for asking questions about tools in general and how to safely use them. Also post about any homemade tools.

  • Feel free to register your tractor in our Registry. You can also research tractors by serial number, and this will provide a record if someone should steal your tractor.

  • The Forum Archives contains all posts since we started this site in 2003. If you search it using key search words of your choice, you will often find that your question may have already been answered many times.

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